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Confidentiality System

   We have always stuck to the confidentiality system created upon establishment of the Company:

  Once you become our customer, we will never show the products of the customer at exhibitions or any product promotion activities (including photo album and webpage). 

  The samples of our customer are stored in the sample room of the factory which will never open door for other customers.

  During the process of manufacturing the product of our customer, other visiting customers are prohibited from filming the product of the other customer being produced.

  If the customer has special confidential requirements on specific product types, we can arrange special teams to produce such products in sub-factories (three sub-factories in total) and prohibit visits by other customers during production period of such products.

  We will never show the full picture of the products of our customers to fabric & accessory suppliers and will only provide them with pictures on the related parts of the product.

  We will not mention the name of the customer or disclose relevant information to other customers according to the requirements of the customer.