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Our Quality Control System


Our quality control system consists of the following five aspects:

Raw Materials Quality Inspection System

    We have a lab which can challenge ITS and SGS. In this lab, we can do quality tests on most of the raw materials. Especially on some functional products, our specialized testing equipment can ensure that all materials with quality problems will stand out of the way, laying a solid foundation for final product quality.

Tailoring Quality Inspection System

     One of our customers once said to us: "Good product begins with good tailoring!" We still regard this as our motto at the tailoring shop. Our tailoring shop is the cleanest one throughout this area because we know that clean products comes from clean tailoring shop. During the initial, middle and final stages of cloth cutting, the testing personnel will carry our three inspections to ensure minimum error regarding the specifications of the product.

Semi-finished Product Quality Inspection System

     Years of experience tells us that most of quality problem occurs when production gets started. It is too late to identify such quality problem and take makeup measures until the product is finished. Such makeup measures mean that we can not deliver to our customers a perfect product but an acceptable product but with an imperfection. Therefore, we have tripled our efforts on semi-finished product testing compared to other factories to ensure that all parts of a garment meet quality standards before they are put together.

Finished Product Quality Inspection System

      We have a testing team consisting of seasoned professionals for finished products. What makes us different is that we do not hire farmers in the rice fields with low wages on a temporary basis. Our testing personnel must have multiple years of experience in operating sewing machines and go through vigorous training on quality inspection knowledge on fabrics garment accessories. This kind of testing team on finished products can ensure both the final quality of our products and our reputation among our customers.

Quality Follow-up System on Customers   

    We have detailed records on every production process. If the customer can give us the size, Box No. and location of the defect, we can easily identify who has contributed to such problem among all sewing workers and who has failed to identify such problem during inspection on semi-finished product and finished-product among all testing personnel. Through such follow-up system, we can build a stringent quality control system with the input of our customers, identify and punish those who are responsible. This punishing practice is one of our methods to make sure our employees always pay attention to product quality.